Warren Buffett Supports Having Professional Photos To Market Listings

Photography is critical in listing a property; they grab attention and sell your property for top dollars! – Warren Buffett

The above quote was taken from an article published by TourWizard. To read the article visit their blog.


Photography tips: Why are photos an imperative tool in real estate?

I just read the below article on why professional photos when marketing a home is important.

Please take a moment to read the article published by TourWizard. Then contact me about photographing your listings. I offer photos, slideshows and video to enhance your listing marketing.



Real Estate Photographer Stumbles Across the Neatest Feature You’ll See All Week

Found this article recently. Check it out.


Enjoyed Photographing This Updated Home in Westmorland

Had the privilege to do the photos for this updated home in the Westmorland Subdivision. The owners did a fantastic job. The master suite with a huge walkin closet was the icing on the cake. I also liked the paint colors the owners used.

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Adding A Flame To A Fireplace

Sometimes when I photograph a home with a fireplace I do not always have the convenience of actually having a fire in it. If it is a wood fireplace I can’t start a fire since that is time consuming. And the liability of having a fire get out of control or smoke damage is not something I want to risk. Or it may have gas logs but sometimes they can be difficult to light if I am not familiar with them. So if the owner is not there to light them or the gas is not available then I have to photograph the fireplace without a fire. And that can make for a boring photo.

Well now that has changed. Last fall Photoshop added a flame filter in their program that makes it possible to add “flames” to a picture. So now when I photograph listings I can add “warmth” to the fireplace shot that will make the home more emotionally inviting to the viewer. And that could mean more showings for your listings and a faster sell.

Check out the before and after photos of a fireplace I added flames to. Then contact me to shoot your next listing.

 Before adding fire

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 After adding fire

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50’s Ranch Home I Recently Photographed

When I am contracted to photograph a home I sometimes get see very cool homes. I recently photographed this home located at 2100 Watkins Ct in the Plantation Subdivision. The neighborhood was developed in the 80’s but this home was built in 1958. Which is way before the Plantation subdivision was even thought of. I first thought it might be part of the original farm since it was located next to a home that was over 100 years old. But then I discovered the home was moved to its current location.

The home was originally located on Harrodsburg Rd just outside of Man O War. It was scheduled to be demolished to make way for a strip center. As I recall I was told a family member wanted to save it so it was moved to its current location.

So what is so interesting about a home that was built in 1958? This one is unique as it has a contemporary flair to it. And far as I could tell it was very original. Like going back to 1958.

If you like older homes take a minute to browse through the photos. I really like the unique angled kitchen and bathroom cabinets and the bathroom with it pink fixtures and black ceramic tile with pink inlaid accents.

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Professional Real Estate Photos

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The new year has begun and sellers are starting to list their homes. Looking for a way to make your listings stand out from the competition? Professional photos taken of your listings will show your sellers that you take the marketing their property serious. And buyers are more likely to contact you about a home if they see great photos that are well exposed and tells the story of the home.

Bluegrass Exposure Photography offers great real estate photography at competitive rates. You will receive professionally edited photos sized so that you can use on the Internet and for print. 48 hour or less turn around guaranteed.

Contact me today to have photos for your next listing.

Is Your Real Estate Photographer Qualified?

Do you hire a professional photographer to take photos of your listings? Is the photographer a professional real estate photographer? If the photographer is charging you to photograph your listings then you probably assume that they are a professional real estate photographer. But this is not always the case. 022--small rez

A professional real estate photographer needs to be able to have specific equipment and skills. Here is a quick rundown on what the photographer must have and offer.


  • A wide angle lens
  • Tripod
  • Multiple off camera flashes
  • Software such as Photoshop and Lightroom to process the photos


  • Must deliver photos that have straight vertical lines
  • Must be able to balance the interior light with light coming from the windows
  • Must be able to light connecting rooms so the viewer can get a feel for the homes layout
  • Must delivery photos that shows the correct colors of the room
  • Must be able to correct the curved walls that a wide angle lens cause
  • Must be able to understand how to deal with reflective surfaces

Bluegrass Exposure Photography specializes in real estate and interior photography and delivers on all the above points plus offers the following services:

  • Supra lockbox access
  • Images delivered include photos sized for the Internet and for print
  • Guaranteed 48 hour turn around or less (usually within 24 hours)
  • Will post your photos on the MLS at no charge
  • Convenience of paying online with all major credit cards or PayPal


What Style Of Real Estate Photography Should You Use?

Weather you are looking to hire your first real estate photographer or you have been using a photographer for some time I hope this guide will help you.

The first step in hiring a real estate photographer is determining on what type of look you want the photos to have. And your might be thinking, “well I want my listing to look good!” What I mean by “look” is what process does the photographer use.

One of the most common styles I see is High Dynamic Range (HDR) style photography. HDR photography I feel is a great tool if you are doing landscape photos because it can deliver a punch to the colors. But for real estate the exaggerated colors can be a negative. As a Realtor you are always asking home owners to neutralize their homes but with HDR any room that has bright colors will be intensified. And also this process can introduce annoying shadows and give the photograph a “watercolor” feel. Or depending on the software the photographer is using the photos can actually look dull and colorless.

Another style I see is using the natural light that is available. This sounds like this would be a great way but the camera does not “see” what we see in person. Some of the issues I see in this style are rooms with windows that are called “blown out” meaning the window is nothing but a bright light. This can be distracting since the eye will naturally be drawn to the brightest part of the photo. And if the windows are a feature the viewer should be able to make out the details of the window frame or the inserts. And if the actual exterior view is important the viewer will not be able to see it. If the day is overcast the “blown out” window will not be a problem but now the whole room will have a dark feel even if the naturally is a bright room. So now the viewer may think that the home is dark and may be turned off by this.

Now there is another HDR process that can give the photo a more natural look. It is done the someway has the traditional HDR process but the software used to process it keeps the photo from having the “watercolor” feel. While this process does a great job t still has a couple of issues. One it can introduce unnatural shadows in the photo. The second it still has a “processed” look.

Something else I have seen photographers do is in Photoshop they will introduce artificial “lighting” to highlight areas of the room or on the exterior of the home. This style can also give exaggerated colors and can be unnatural. These photos have a “painting” feel.

So what is the best way to photograph a home? Well I think none of the styles I have commented on are the way to go. I feel using flash is the correct way to go here. Now I am not talking about using one flash mounted on the top of the camera. This will give the room a flat look. And one flash will not be enough light for most rooms. I feel using multiple flashes strategically positioned in the room will give the viewer the best representation of what the room and colors are actually like. And with flashes I can also light an adjoining room so the viewer can see how rooms connect with each other.

In addition I feel that real estate photos should be informational since the viewer is trying to see what the home actually looks like and how the rooms connect with each other.

I hope you can us this information to help you decide on which one of the processes is the best for you and your client. And if my style is right for you please contact me for your next real estate photography shoot.